Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now What?

I sent in my book manuscript to a couple of agents who had requested it. 

Revised, polished, good enough.          

                                                                                        So now I'm waiting. 

I may hear back in two weeks, 
I may hear back in 5 months, 29 days and 23 hours. 
I may not hear back at all!

                                But for now, I'm waiting.

Maybe I'll pick up a new hobby while I wait.

How long does it take to become a train engineer? underwater basket weaver?

I've never been on a long fishing weekend...

...but then again I don't really like fish. 

None of those are any good, and here's why. 
In six months when I get an agent (insert dream sequence music here) and start revising my manuscript and then six months later I'll get a book deal and become a published author, I'll have spent all of this money on a hobby that I'll never do again because I'll be far too busy with the first hobby that I actually enjoy. Writing children's books.
Some might say that I should start writing another book. That's not a bad idea but perhaps I should see if someone else in the world is willing to validate my current efforts.  And not just any someone (hi Mom) but a certain someone who has some knowledge of the industry (hello future agent). Otherwise what am I left with... a possible misdirected self analysis.

I hear you yelling little-league-moms of the world. Just because the world doesn't think you're good at something should you stop doing it? Maybe not...  but then again, maybe so. 

If we'd all find something were good at and focus on that, then we could stop giving away so many participation trophies for successfully dressing yourself this morning.  
But that's a rant for another day.

The better idea here is to: Read a book

What a great idea. Brush up on the competition. Analyze other's success stories of today. 
(get it? it's funny because the success stories are actual stories.)

Here are a couple that I am reading now.

The Passage - although a great read, it's only about a million pages and therefor not conducive to a mom with kids. I'm guessing I'll wrap that one up in about 2 years. 

Then there's one of the most touching children's books I've read in a long time:
Sit Still!  Is a story about Patrick who cannot sit still. And although his mom pursues medical reason (never called out as ADHD, but one can assume) that is not confirmed by his doctor.  This is the point where Mom and Dad decide that they can step up as parents and help Patrick direct his constant energy in useful ways. They start walking with Patrick to school every day. Patrick gets a hobby or two. His teachers start asking him to help in the classroom so he can be up and moving around.  It's a wonderful way to present an often overlooked solution to kids who just can't sit still.  We all know plenty of adults who just can't sit still, and the world deals with them just fine. So thank you Nancy for bringing such a refreshing perspective to parenting!

You can also add another constantly rotating pile of 8-12 children's books from the library to this list. 

And last but not least, there are the various magazines that keep showing up at my house. 
  • Country Living - why can't my house be all classy and earth friendly and full of refurbished, re-purposed items?)
  • Rachael Ray - yes your 30 minute meals are awesome, but who keeps three kinds of fish oil and seven kinds of red wine vinegar in the house all the time? 

So, until my million dollar book deal works it's way thorough legal, I'll keep reading and I suggest you do to.  

See you're already off to a good start - you just read my blog!

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