Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Say What?

Welcome to try #2: Impressionable Intrigue

The first blog I attempted nearly four years ago is now long lost somewhere deep, deep in the interwebs.  This is just fine with me.  The intention of the first blog was to promote and market my first children's book, 
After a couple of years, a bit of introspection and nearly a complete failure on my part to market my own book, I'm starting over.  I'm still going to write children's books.  I'm still planning to illustrate my own children's books, but this time, I'm going to take my time.  This will be a personally narrated guide for you (and me) on: 

  • my process 
  • what I'm learning and hopefully in time, 
  • my successes (and failures. Yes, there will be many I'm sure). 

But more on that later... 

Back to the question at hand! 

Impressionable Intrigue: Say what? 
After having my own two, beautiful, little girls I've been amazed at how much smaller the world has become.  Bugs and stickers are interesting again. A band aid can fix anything (scrapes, spilled milk, malaria...).
A rogue earring, missing for months that suddenly turns up in the living room carpet could be life ending if swallowed. And the most basic of foods are brand new and exciting (or revolting if you are four and the food isn't spelled T-A-C-O).  

One of my favorite evening activities is to watch our four year old try and play with our one year old.  The games the older wants to play are not usually the games the younger wants to play.  Let's be realistic, NEVER.  They are NEVER the games the younger wants to play.  However, it is inevitable that some form of teaching comes into play.  
"Let me just show you how to..." 
"If you just do (thing A) then this will happen, see?!"  
It is fascinating (and often hilarious) to watch a four year old try and teach anyone anything.  Her perception of life is 100% limited to what she has been exposed to in four short years and yet, here she is, a qualified expert when it comes to living room games. And to the one year old, a four year old is without a doubt, the most entertaining teacher.  So, (stay with me here, I'm getting to the point I promise) our children are incredibly impressionable, and want to learn everything about absolutely everything. That seems like a very dangerous combination for them, and a lot of work for us. Because whether we like it or not, they are going to learn from the world around them (again, that means us).  They are impressionable from breath #1.  I don't know about you, but I do NOT know it all. So what better way to teach our tiny humans than to give them their own tools to the right information.  To open their minds to the endless possibilities, to expose them to things they may never otherwise see. It's a very big job we as adults have. They are impressionable and they want to learn.  If only we could all be so lucky...

Welcome to Impressionable Intrigue. 

And so begins the journey of successfully writing for children - while encouraging curiosity and intrigue.  Wish me luck!

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