About me

Between dogs and kids, I have four dependents. I have a wonderful husband and except for a short stint after college, and between the age of 0 and 2, I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life.
It is cold, but not too cold. I love the snow but if my family wasn't here, I'd probably leave.

Things I like:
  • pajamas. 
  • doughnuts.
  • yoga.
  • kayaking.
  • camping.
  • fresh crab cakes.
  • tacos.
  • people that question life.
  • hammocks.
  • people who read my blog.
  • and it should go without saying... I love a good book.  for any age.

Things I don't like:
  • Driving at night... or long distances... or in bumper to bumper traffic - I'll be the exception to the rule and promise to be off the road long before I "should be."
  • flaky fish. ew.
  • mint flavored things. 
  • chocolate that is supposed to taste like fruit. (orange-chocolate...really? ew.)
  • mean people.

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