Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another new publishing path?

In this ever-changing world of becoming a published author, it seems there's never a shortage of new terminology to keep up on.

The newest craze is hybrid publishing. Okay, it's not really a new craze. It's actually just another term for a craze we've been talking about all along - anything that is not traditional publishing, or self-publishing.  

Brian Klems of Writers Digest says, "Hybrid publishing is not a term all publishers or authors in this space use; other terms that describe this type of publishing include 'author-assisted publishing, independent publishing, partnership publishing, co-publishing, and entrepreneurial publishing.' Hybrid publishing is the umbrella term."

Brooke Warner publisher of She Writes Press, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Green Light Your Book, says, "For people who like to think in black-and-white terms, the hybrid publishing and self-publishing space upends their sense of order. Without hybrid, there are just traditional publishing and self-publishing. Black and White. You get paid to publish or you pay to get published. The hybrid publishing space is not for black-and-white thinkers. 

Click here to read Brooke's full article.  

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